Princeton-Geneva collaboration in Mathematical Physics

Princeton and Geneva Universities are internationally recognized as centers of excellence in mathematical physics. The proposal is to open a channel for fostering collaboration in research and teaching in this cross disciplinary field. The proposal builds on the successful interaction between Professors Aizenman (Princeton) and Duminil-Copin (Geneva). They have already a record of successful interaction, having jointly produced a number of results which were well received by the professional community and accepted for publication in leading journals. Professor Duminil-Copin has visited Princeton several times and very successfully delivered the Math Department’s honorific Minerva Lecture Series. The aim of the proposed grant is to build on this collaboration and expand the opportunities of mutual visits involving the PI’s, qualified students, postdocs and faculty members. The purpose of these would be interactive research, exchange lectures, students’ formative visits, and jointly organized annual workshops on research topics of joint interest.

The expected specific outcomes are the following:
- A two-part course, based on the lectures (i) by M. Aizenman in Unige and (ii) H. Duminil-Copin in Princeton. We propose to record these series of talks, and make them accessible to students at both institutions, and potentially beyond that.
- A graduate textbook coauthored by M. Aizenman and H. Duminil-Copin covering the subject of the two courses.
- Exchange visits for PhD students and postdocs of both groups fostering new collaborations and offering the possibility of discovering a new environment of research.
- Scientific articles published in the top journal in the fields of probability, Mathematical Physics and Theoretical Physics.

Prof. Michael Aizenman, University of Princeton
Prof. Hugo Duminil-Copin